Plane descends when meant to be ascending

So I took off from LHR during storm Eunice. My plane ascended from LHR fine enough to about FL370. At that point the plane randomly descends followed by ascending again.

Could this be due to the storm?

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What aircraft were you using? Your aircraft weight could have been too high and your speed too slow.

I was on the A380 going about 230 knots. I went up to Mach .9 during cruise as I appeared to have a strong headwind. After accelerating to Mach .9 it did improve but on arrival to RWY 30L at DXB, The same happened again.

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Especially in a heavy aircraft like the A380, it’s important to step climb to your final cruising altitude. This means, instead of climbing to your cruising altitude straight away, climbing gradually to a flight level that is lower than your cruising altitude, staying there for a couple of hours, then, once the aircraft is a bit lighter, climbing up to your final cruising altitude (in your case, FL370). You may even need multiple step climbs in some cases. Visit this guide on how to step climb.

Thank you. How should I calculate enough fuel for the flight including go around/holding, taxiing and a bit of breathing space for being held at the runway before take off.

I use Simbrief for my flight plans. Once you have created a flight plan, it will give you all the necessary weight and balance requirements, including fuel load. You can always add a bit more than what Simbrief says to ensure you have enough fuel for go arounds, etc. You need a Navigraph account to log into Simbrief.

Thank you. I just need to not over estimate the fuel aha.

Ok so SimBrief seems to tell me how much fuel I need if the aircraft was to turn around. Is there a way to say how much weight I have for Cargo and Passengers?

Yes when you are making a flight on SimBrief - there are boxes for filling in how many passengers and cargo you have.

If you don’t have time to fill it all out +2 hours is usually quite safe, and more than enough.

Thank you everyone.

BTW I found out what happened with the altimeter showing incorrect readings. As my Autopilot was on MSL, I had the AGL window open instead at the bottom.

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