Plane crashing on tarmac upon entering live server

I’m attempting to start a new flight on live but my plane is crashing before I’m even able to switch views. I choose my spawn airport and spot, engines are off, but I’m crashing before I’m able to do anything. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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Hi there,

It sounds like you may be experiencing a known bug and your terrain files may be corrupt. Please delete the app and reinstall it.

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Does this happen often? Because that has happened to me but only in the 767 and every time I try to takeoff out of Memphis.

Crashing or falling through the terrain?

front gear phases through terrain. instant crash. doesnt happen with any other aircraft for me though

Let’s try and eliminate any confusion here. If anyone is experiencing issues with falling through terrain then the first fix is to delete the app and reinstall. App and device refreshes are recommended as well along with Cache clearing before long flights.

If that doesn’t rectify the issue then we recommend that a video recording is made and the issue is reproduced after a few attempts so that the Infinite Flight Team can try to isolate the incidents and look for issues/bugs if there is in fact a re-producable problem.

The plane spawns several feet above the terrain, hits the ground, shakes, then starts falling through the ground and crashes. I was in an A321 all five times and it happened in both Dublin and Reykjavic.

Please follow my recommendations above and let us know if the issue remains after deleting and reinstalling the app. Kind Regards, Chris

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Your recommendation appears to have fixed the issue. Thanks!

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