Plane Crashes

What do you guys think of planes being crashables each other? Leave your comments below!

I think it would be a good idea-But maybe more so on the playground server. On the Advanced Server if A Pilot is being stupid he will most likely get ghosted for it anyway so why make it unfair for the innocent pilot. I do think it would be a good deterrent for non-serious pilots though and would make the sim more realistic!

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Spot on, John!

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They imo should put this on because I’ve seen a lot of pilots who just cut me in line! Which is quite annoying… Maybe some sort of barrier or violation that can be given when you ‘crash’ into another plane will be much appreciated.

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Great Idea!

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Not going to happen… are you willing to have random idiots ruin your flights?


What’s crashables mean?

If it means whst I’m guessing, to add onto what Matt said, it takes the fun out of flying in a sim. IF exists for the enjoyment of flying, not blowinf sh*t up

When something is crashable, it means its able to be involved in a crash. In real life I know everything is prone to accidents, but in a virtual world like IF is, its different. Codes make planes transparent or just don’t make them solid enough to crash each other at the programmer discrection.

In my opinion, i would like such feature. The only problem and the biggest one is that the innocent pilot has nothing to do with someone else’s mistakes and it will lose its flight. There is a way to address this, however its a LOT of work for the developers and it most likely will never be a feature of this sim. The only way I think of to fix this problem is making the system recognize who is guilty or not of the accident and that means plenty of code for the program to calculate. Imagine all airports with sensors(conditions/codes) in the taxiway, in th runway and even in the sky. Ufff a lot of work. If I was a developer, i would skip this feature :smile:

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Or, create a crash animation only when the plane crash on the ground or in the water. And nothing for collisions?

Maybe a violation that you will get when you go through planes like that speed violation. First offense is a warning, then second offense can be a violation

Now here’s some homework for you:
How do you detect who is at fault with absolutely no false positives?



Wow… I’m just giving ideas.

Maybe there is a way where you can implement something that can calculate the distance and the speed the plane is going that will crash(A) into the other plane(B) and give plane “A” a violation.

What if a slower plane crashes into a faster plane?
Faster plane can’t avoid it and gets penalized :-/

It’s not easy and we haven’t implemented it because we’ve thought of many options and there is no easy way to reliably do it :)

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Gotcha! Just throwing ideas😀

Yeah… +1 on the toggled crashing feature idea!

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I always thought a flight sinulator is there for flying. But appereantly it’s here for “crashing”. Excuse me!

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Yes I’m ready! Bring on the animations! I’d love to see someone hit me at FL200 and watch both of us tumble down in flames!

Spot on Matt 👌 sounds like you have thought this through a few times over :p As I said to someone on iffg imagine all the vios you would get at KHAF on the free flight server if you got a vio every time you get touched another aircraft ;)

The developers have said before that they will not add realistic crashes because it’s a flight simulator and not a crash simulator.