Plane crashes (literally) during spawn

Hi, Just redownloaded IF after a year being off, so I apologize if I am not up on the latest issues/solutions, I flew a few flights this weekend, but I just went to fly an A320 on the SFO-LAX route. When I spawned into SFO, the plane dropped 10-20 feet and then literally crashed.

A screen recoding is posted below.

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Hey @Jonah_Saitz & welcome back!

This issue usually occurs when the scenery stream from our end, to your device became corrupt for any reason. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix to this. Please see below :)


If resetting the cache doesn’t work try restarting your device then try the last solution of reinstalling.

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Schyllberg already quoted that.

Just making the point to try restarting your device before going ahead and reinstalling, it’s a quick solution which I have found works 90% of the time. It’s better than reinstalling if it sorts the issue out

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