plane crash


Oh dang, not good! Prayers and thoughts to those affected.


That’s sad and hopefully they are safe and well.

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Maybe add a bit more… Information :)?

This is sad, also not good

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Wow another plane crash!! I can tell this year will not be a good year for aviation.

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watching now trying to find out more info

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Every year there are multiple private planes such as Cessnas, etc… that are involved in deadly aviation accidents. Even in 2017, there was a good number of private owned aircraft that has crashed taking the life of 1-6 people approximately. So saying that this year isn’t going to be good is like saying all other years prior to 2019 was superior in safety. When in-fact every year we have more accidents than we do hear about on the news.

And considering the amount of people flying each year, in 2018 the number reached above 3 billion, which is a number already hit back in 2013. Comparing the amount of passengers flown with those who passed away tragically in accidents, the numbers are in billions different, showing how far aviation safety actually has come.

But then again, no year is really good or bad for aviation as death will unfortunately be the outcome of a few accidents which will always happen on anual basis. So to say, a year for aviation is bad is not the correct term as I’d like to call it another year with its ups and downs.

Also if we’d compare years statistically, then 2019 has so far been safer in term if major aviation related incident and accidents than 2018 was at this point. Thereofore treating this year as a bad year because of few deadly crashes isn’t right. We should instead hope and pray for such to not happen and support those who work to make aviation safety better!


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