Plane crash on 27 September 2016? (Flight cancelled)

Some of you might know this, but I just think I should post this here.

Up to you if you want to believe it (personally I choose not to). In fact, I’m flying SQ tomorrow from Taipei to Singapore (I have to. Much better than China Airlines). But we’ll never know until tomorrow comes.

Letter from Jucelino Nobrega da Luz, dated 1 December 2014:

“Haveremos te ter um acidente de avião em Singapura próximo ao aeroporto internacional de Changi, em 27 Setembro de 2016; e poderá vitimar muitas pesoas inocentes - voo das 17:35 com previsão de chegada 22:15 do S. Airlines - 879 - problemas das turminas da aeronave”

Rough translation:

“There will be a plane crash in Singapore near by Changi Int’l Airport, on September 27, 2016, and it can victimise many innocent people - flight of 17:35 with arrival 22:15. Singapore Airlines 879 - “problems in aircraft turbines (collapse)””

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What on earth?

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Creepy but it would never happen.


i think a big crap


I hope not.

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Its a speculation.

Don’t let it ruin the image of SIA :)
I’m pretty sure their maintainence is above good :)


What I do find MORE creepy, is what’s before this.

Rough translation
“A plane of AirAsia will fly between Surabaya and Singapore with around 160 people and will lose contact between air traffic control… Can fall into the sea and victimize all people… 28 December 2014. The flight QZ8501.”

On 28 December 2014, QZ8501 (WARR-WSSS) lost contact with air traffic control after takeoff with 164 onboard. No survivors. Fell into the sea.

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I really hope your ok bud. I don’t want this to happen to you. be safe on that flight ok. Promise


Well I wish you luck

I’m boarding a different one. Thanks anyway.


Ok good well good trip you will have

Who is this guy. Like what he have to do with it all

Brazilian professor who claims he can “predict things”. We’ll put it to the test.


Oh. Ok. That’s really creepy

Amazing! SQ879 has been cancelled due to a typhoon.


O ya, saw the typhoon on news

okay guys one of you should tell the fbi or the police about this really this could save a ton of peoples lives please someone do it be fore some thing bad happens

Doubt anything will happen. Where did you get this info by the way? And is it verifiable?

Nothing will happen.

just be careful