Plane Crash Near Me

So sad 2 people dead the police say they are investigating the crash I think it hit a tree and tried to do a emergency landing but crashed killing both of them.
(i blured it out as you could see the pilots body and it wassent good trust me it would have been disrespectful to show it so yea I WILL NOT RELSE THE UNEDITED PHOTO PERIOD)


Ouch that looks bad.

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All I know that 2 males dead it would have been instant tho I don’t want to be graphic but that sort of impact would crush there legs or rip the vines out of your hart not trying to sound dark but yea it’s the truth

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RIP to all


What plane? Hard to see in the picture.

That is bad man lucky it wasn’t something super major like a commercial aircraft crash. But still

#R.I.P Pilots of the Super Club

R.I.P all who died in crash, sad to see this 😔 May we all pray for their family and friends

Realy dude so 2 people dead isant a bad thing, just realy please think before you say anything what if that was your son or your dad who is now dead.

Relax, he wasn’t saying it isn’t bad. He’s saying It could’ve been a whole lot worse

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Sorry about that I had to blur it out because I would probs be banned from the forums if I didn’t.

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