Plane Crash @ Istanbul Ataturk LTBA IST

A Cessna 650 Citation 7 jet has crashed at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, Turkey bursting into flames after speeding off the runway


The pilot of the jet is believed to have died according to local press while three others have been injured in the fiery crash.

Shock videos taken near the airport show fire raging and smoke billowing high into the sky.

The plane crash-landed at the airport and caught fire when it rumbled off the runway.

Flight trackers AirLive said the Cyprus-bound plane had been attempting to return to the airport due to a “failure alarm”. A tire had then exploded during landing.

They said: “According to first reports, the plane departed Istanbul to Cyprus and tried to return with failure alarm triggered. The tire exploded during landing attempt.”

EDIT: The perished pilot was the captain. They were 3 pilots onboard. Remaing crew member and people are injured (Thanks @Samet_Ozturk)

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My condelences to the family and friends of the pilot😔


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There are tons of topics about airlines opening new routes which are also real world aviation news. What’s the difference?


I agree, those are news and these are news aswell.


You can add it to the topic: The perished pilot was the captain. They were 3 pilots onboard. Remaing crew member and people are injured

It has been officially announced that there are no deaths in the accident. All 4 people onboard were injured including the pilot.

The reason for the crash is said to be a fire started in the landing gear during take off.

Jeeez man. My condolences are with the families and friends of those involved, for whom a few hours will have marked a life time. I hope with all my heart all hurt recover, and every tragic loss of life here will be remembered.


My deepest and dearest condolences to the dead and the injured, may the captain rest in peace. Although that was a tragic death atleast he died doing what he most loved, fly high captain.

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Deepest condolences to the next of kin of the deceased pilot. May the pilot rest in peace.

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Everyone is safe!:)
Sad to see this beautiful aircraft burnt down…


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Good to hear this :)

This is excellent news! I am glad the pilot is ok.

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