Plane Crash in Texas

I was just about to start a normal middle school basket ball game where we hear a plane fly over our gym later to hear a huge explosion. This all happened at around 5:30 pm CST. I got outside with a friend othat see a fire ball and a ton of black smoke. It turns out a small white plane (no police report yet) crashed right next to my school and 1 person is seriously injured. No news articles are ou yet by the way. The plane was supposedly trying to land at Our local airport a mile away from our school. Please pray for the one pilot in the plane as he was trapped in the plane while it was on fire. I saw this all happen, and this is going to haunt me for the rest of my life. (I don’t know what topic to put this in besides real world aviation that I do not have access to.


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Ah! Thanks.

It was a small white ga aircraft I can not find any articles