Plane crash in Faisalabad

I have been posting a lot of these. But its not my fault planes are going down! This happened in Pakistan just this morning.

The flight instructor attempted an emergency landing soon after the plane took off but could not manage control the plane, crashing onto the runway. The plane was destroyed on impact, killing Flight Instructor Maaz and Trainee Pilot Mohammad Ahmad.


That’s so sad, RIP to the instructor and the trainee 😞


My Deepest condolences to the victims and I hope the family can be strong to face this incident 😢


It is very sad. Its been a rough week for aviation.


I couldn’t imagine what the incident list would look like if @Maxmustang were to make one this week.

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Another plane crash? No way, I’m not admitting it.

That’s horrible, it feels like more and more GA aircraft are crashing!

Rest In Peace to the people who died. Hopefully this crash is a lesson to not make a mistake again.

Deeply sorry of the tragedy. The trainee had a long way towards his ultimate goal, really touched my heart.

At least he passed away doing something he loved. My sympathy goes to the families.

RIP…😢😢. May God give their friends and family strength during this difficult time

This is why we want the #real-world-aviation category open to everyone. You post informative stuff, but you’re not TL3. So we all need to vote to keep RWA open to everyone.

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What in the heck happened, I wonder.

RIP - Prayers to the families.

Not enough substance. You don’t need to make a topic every time a plane crashes.