Plane Crash in Centennial, CO

I was out at KAPA today just taking pictures of aircraft landing and departing. Only to find out about 15 minutes after I left this happened. Didn’t get pictures of the aircraft prior to the incident but hits pretty close to home. This occurred about 5 minutes from my house. Too close for comfort.


I hope there are no casualities in this incident. It’s sad to see another Aviation incident 😢


Wow, upside down. I really hope that his head is fine. Hits like that could cause permanent brain/mental damage :/

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Looks like one person is hospitalized

Crazy. I was golfing today at Green Valley Ranch, (if you know where that is) and there departures/arrivals for KDEN and Centennial not too high overhead. I was watching the skies constantly, but I saw nothing strange. Crazy how close I was to this.

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