Plane Crash in Advanced

Very recently, an aircraft crashed on the Advanced Server at the Denver region. This crash was an actual accidental crash and didn’t crash on purpose.

The aircraft’s callsign was IFIA215 and the virtual airline operating the Airbus A318 was the Infinite Flight Independent Airline

The aircraft’s ground controller was @GHamsz and the tower controller was @QR01, both operating at KEGE

After taking off from KEGE, the aircraft climbed to 12,000ft MSL which was only around 3,000ft AGL at Denver, switched to Aspen Approach which then closed and switched back to KAGE Tower. It was following its flight plan and the pilot (Me) was too busy with ATC, Instruments, etc to notice that the mountains around him were getting higher.

Finally, the pilot noticed the danger ahead of him:

And 10 seconds after that photo:

The plane crashed and disappeared off ATC radar.

Can anyone from the Infinite Flight Safety Board file an investigation on this flight? @FlyFi


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focusing on ATC while flying an airplane without a co-pilot in a mountain region after take off might get you fired


Lol I know but this isn’t real life, plus I’m CEO of the airline.

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Did you mean KEGE or KASE, because I don’t know of “KAGE”

Sorry I meant KEGE, I’ll edit that now.

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I guess we’ll be seeing on Air Crash Investigation: Infinite Flight Edition ;)


I’m sure taking screenshots helped your situation a lot lol

Lol took them because I had a feeling there was nothing I could do without getting in trouble with ATC, as I was assigned my altitude. I don’t blame ATC though, because these mountains are higher than most mountains in Denver

Yeah I try to get up to about 16,000ft msl to be safe in that region

Turn on the terrain awareness thingy bob on the HUD display. It’s very useful.
Easy way to use it is: Red ahead = you are dead.

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Yea I keep that on, but I wasn’t focusing on flying, I was paying attention to my FPL and ATC. It is my fault and not the ATC fault as they were busy and if
I saw the hills earlier I could’ve of requested a climb.

No don’t request a climb… just climb! Aviate, Navigate, Communicate… in that order.


I saw 6 aircraft crash at KASE tonight. Check weather, height of the runway and length of the runway before flight. And most of all AVIATE, NAVIGATE AND THEN COMMUNICATE. Funny post none the less

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I was tower and gnd at KEGE… I assume there is no action required here, but I’d like to echo some of the other users… Terrain avoidance first, then ask for permission! when working approach, if some replies unable to an altitude request, first thing I do is make sure I haven’t inadvertently put you in a bad situation. If you’re worried about “getting in trouble”, take a screenshot of your current situation, just in case.


@QR01 @GHamsz Ok, thanks for your service guys.

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