Plane crash after 8.20 hour

Why did my flight crash after 8.20 hours of flying? I had enough fuel on board, flaps set properly, approach speed was correct. Flight was from Delhi to Amsterdam. Everything perfect and a bang with crashed message.

Do you mean the game crashed or the plane crashed

Hey @Nishant_Tambe,

Did this crash happen after you have touched down into the runway?

Looks like it from the replay

Plane crashed after touchdown. I am very sure the plane was properly configured for the landing.

Sir, I’m using Android on One plus 7 and not iOS

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Sorry, ignore my message.

Can you share the replay using

Alright. There is a chance that after touchdown, you might have fallen through the ground causing your aircraft to crash immediately. But this is only a guess.

Here. You will have to share us the replay file to see what exactly happened. Go to the main menu in Infinite Flight, press replay, and find your flight. Press “share replay” and export it to your local cloud. For more information, please visit this topic.

Then, go to and try sharing your replay file through this website using the link provided. By linking us your replay file through this website we will be able to access it from here so we could tell you what really happened.

Were you connected to the internet?
Because sometimes it can seem like the ground has loaded but it hasn’t loaded at all.

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This is likely an issue regarding the scenery and/or elevation not loading correctly. In the Infinite Flight settings, clear the scenery cache and restart your device. This should fix any similar issues occurring in the near future.

Without seeing the replay, we are all guessing. The OP stated it was a plane crash, not an iOS crash.

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@Nishant_Tambe if you want us to help you, you need to upload your replay via with the instructions that @Kuba_Jaroszczyk provided above - otherwise we will not be able to give you an accurate reason as to why this happened to you.

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