Plane crash 787-9

I was setting up a flight last night from lax to london heathrow, every thing was goeing fine i set the hight to 39.000 feet and speed to 290 knt so i put my ipad in a charger and go to bed, when i wake up i see my plane has crashed 21 minutes in to the flight it says i have no idea why it had alot of fuel on board it and not alot of cargo ore other stuff, i have gained 1 speed violation goeing over 350 knt. Does anybody know why my plane crashed? I have no klue my self

Bye the way this is my second time doeing a long flight first time it crashed to

First off. 290 is extremely slow. That’s much below a 789’s cruise. They cruise at .85 which is roughly 315-317 KIAS. What was the weight of your plane? roughly?

Again with how slow your being, you can check the replay and see what happened there :)

But i’ll answer your question as to why you crashed. Too slow. Too high. Too heavy. Much to heavy for FL390 especially flying that slow.

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I set it to a low speed i was afraid i was gonna get a speed violation but my weight was set to 50.000kg fuel and 17.000kg pasengers and 5.000 kg cargo but i just chek my footage and the plane got in a stall when it reach 39.000 feet and the auto pilot turnd off due to it stalling

390 should not be set as cruise after takeoff. Combined with your slow speed it may have caused a stall and nosedive. You should have a cruise at 330 and step climb. When you are heavy, you should be cruising at lower altitudes. When your at 390 it’s just suffocating your plane cause the air s too thin for your weight. Set your vs to like 25fpm next time if you are gonna be away or sleeping. It will successfully step climb.


Just did and it stalled when it hit 39.000 feet so the auto pilot turnd off.
It was goeing slow cuz i was afraid i was gonna over speed

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Step climbing. And you won’t get a speed warning. Unless you fly over .94 or something like that.


787 cruise speed is M.85 (319knts) You we’re going about M.77 which is way too slow. With that along with heavy weight and high alt, that caused your stall and crash

Yeah I see what you mean by overspeeding, I always have that worry. In a commercial aircraft I go 240 knots below 10,000ft, and speed up to 320 knots, above it. You won’t overspeed until 28,000ft where it will go into Mach 0.85, then theres literally nothing to worry about for the rest of the flight!

*As in you won’t overspeed at all, I go to sleep most times as I pass 10,000ft and do a little checklist thingy.


Speed isn’t the only problem. Got to consider step climbing and weight when doing overnights. Good to start around 300-330 and step climb to higher altitudes as you will get lighter


My advice for you, is the most respectful way possible:) Have a quick look in the #tutorials as it will tell you everything you need to know and should know, it’ll make your experience a lot better:)

Or just cruise at FL320-330 Depending on which way you’re flying, nobody judges on your FL:)

Ok thx for all the help im only grade 2 i still have alot to learn

Ok thx man

Ok thx man i will

Also take a look at this guide, it will help you a lot in long haul flights. 🙂

This is quite simple. You were too high.

The other comments here seem to be very helpful. One thing that I’ve learnt from lots of long-haul flying:

Make sure your aircraft isn’t carrying any unnecessary fuel
Start of cruising at <35,000 ft for a Boeing 787. That is the maximum cruising altitude for a 787 at MTOW.
Climb later to a higher altitude once you’re starting to near your destination.
Monitor the flight until it gets to 28,000 ft after that you’re fine.

I have had issues sometimes with these flights, when the weather was down, I got ghosted after the plane was over speeding rapidly. Good luck for more flights!