Plane count problem


Good day. I have issues with seeing other planes on ground or in air. They tend to lag out or don’t appear at all. It’s been happening for a while already

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Check the quality of your graphics! I would recommend if you put them all on high:) If not then, restart your device:)

Turn up your airplane count.

Turn up your airplane count or you may not be within range of another aircraft. I find that the closest I get before I see them in detail is about 8 nm.

Already high

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It’s already on max

On ground with max everything.

This may be in conjunction with the live server issues.

Hey, @Mikhail_Kuchuk

Are you currently playing on WiFi or Cellular Data? If the aircraft count is set to high, I think it’s more of your game not downloading the aircraft live, which is why they are not shown. Try checking that box saying “Auto Airplane Downloads Over Cellular Data.” and let us know if it works

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It’s on as well. And I’m playing on wifi

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