Plane color in ATC

So I’ve been controlling a lot lately and I keep realising that some of the plane icons are blue and some are white, does anyone know what this means? I can’t seem to find any association with grade/violations/landings, etc.

Also, when I select the white planes, the pink indicator of where the plane is doesn’t show up (compare the top screenshot with the one below). I find this particularly annoying when there is a plethora of planes in busy airport and I have to try and find where the plane that contacted me is so I can give them the relevant instruction.

The white ones are the ones that have been approved for a frequency change but don’t change, or you’ve swiped their name off of the side tab

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White can also be a communication issue.

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Then doesn’t it show up orange?

Another controller had clicked on their aircraft causing in your frequency to change white or you must swiped the stripe off your list.

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Hmm, I don’t recall giving them a frequency change though…and sometimes I see planes spawn white

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I’ve experienced this myself sometimes. Some planes icons just stays white, and (two way) communication with that aircraft works fine, just like with blue plane icons, and no other isues (like connection issues etc.)

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The green color is when someone had been cleared to land.

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Yes I am aware of green, just not sure about the white planes :)

That is incorrect

Also incorrect it would be you clicked on the aircraft from another frequency.

Causes for a white aircraft are

  1. You clicked on them from another frequency

  2. You swiped the ATC strip to remove it.


White are Just the normal planes you haven’t cleared to do anything yet I think.

Ah this one makes sense to me, sometimes I would click on planes in another frequency by accident or something, thanks for the help!

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White - Tuned to your frequency or selected aircraft but not on your flight strips.

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