Plane Collision at EGSS

Ryanair flight FR205, flying to Dublin, has been shunted from behind whilst waiting for takeoff clearance at Stansted Airport this morning.

The 737-800 was hit from behind by Primera flight PF2871, also a 737-800, causing damage to the tail and the wingtip of the Ryanair plane.

According to The Independant no injuries have been reported.

It comes as voters go to the polls in Ireland to vote on the repeal of the 8th Amendment - according to The Sun, Ryanair has been unable to offer an alternative flight until 1:30am tomorrow morning, by which time the polls will have closed. Airport operations were briefly suspended, but have now resumed.

It also comes just 11 days after a similar incident at Istanbul, with a collision occuring between Asiana A330, and a Turkish Airlines A321.

In short, what’s going on people?!


Turkish Airlines Incident:


Resembles quite a lot about the recent incident with Asiana slicing the Tail of Turkish Airlines and it’s shocking to hear that this happened within 2 weeks since the Tail cutting…
Many incidents and accidents this year… Hope that everyone is safe on both flight this time.


Similar thing happened at LLBG last month. What’s going on with 2018?


We’re only halfway through the year and we have so many accidents… what is happening??

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Well this kindof of accidents happened last year.

What there has been a lot more of this year though is fatal crashes.

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