Plane bugging out?

I have probably done 10 flights in Infinite flight since I joined and in some of them I experienced this type of “bug”. I’ll be reaching Ft350 but my plane will suddently stop gaining lift and start to wobble everywhere(at March 0.68kts and Ft340) I don’t know why this happends so please help me out.

Maybe it is the winds?

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Is this particularly with the A320 series or with all aircraft?



Have you tried the following method?

Generally you don’t want to climb up to your final cruising altitude right after departure. A few hours should of lapsed if this pertains to a long haul flight. 🙂


In addition to what DeerCrusher has stated, Mach 0.68 is way too slow for a flight at FL340.

Airliners Optimum cruising Speeds (Mach)

Boeing 747-400 0.86
Boeing 787 0.85
Boeing 777 0.84
Boeing 767 0.80
Boeing 757 0.80
Boeing 737 -800 0.78

Airbus 380 0.85
Airbus 340- 600 0.82
Airbus 330 0.82
Airbus 320 0.78

McDonnell MD-11 0.85


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