Plane Banking

Device: IPad Pro
Operating system: IOS (newest version)

Every time I take off with small planes, the plane is tilted right when I am gaining speed on the runway. Due to that it turns slightly left more and more, and when I pull the yoke to lift off, it turns massively left.
Is it just a device problem or is the game glitching?
Does anyone else have these issues?


When you engage the autopilot, check certain parameters -

  1. You should not turn on AP quickly after takeoff.
  2. You should check the winds as they should not be too high.
  3. Check you vertical speed as sometimes it get changed.
  4. For LNAV (turns), don’t file flight plan with very steep turns or very quick turns.

Tip - Engage AP at 2000 ft after take off. This alt. does not have much of the winds as your problem was majorly because of winds !

I hope these would help you :)
Cheers !


Thank you for the reply.
However the problem happens as I am gathering speed still on the ground.
As I am still on the ground the plane tilts right and turns left more and more.
When I pull the yoke it turns massively left.
Almost every time even without strong winds.

Have you possibly reset your controls?

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Yes all the time.
I even calibrate 100 times before takeoff, nothing works

I’ll try your way.

Is it just with one aircraft or multiple?

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The 2 ones I tested that glitch is the E175 And the Bombardier

Have you possibly restarted your device?

  • Uninstalled and Reinstalled the app?

  • Have you checked your weight and balance before your flight?

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And the Legacy private jet

It’s more of like one gear if the plane is shorter than the other so it tilts. Of course it’s not that it’s just to give an idea

So is just will the smaller aircraft and not the heavy aircraft?

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Just the smaller ones yes. Mostly small jets

Interesting, The small jets don’t usually do this. I have run out of ideas. I will look into it more, just give me a few minutes.

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Ok thanks
Sorry for disturbing you
Should I send some pictures of it so you know what I mean?

It’s alright, I am trying to help you.

Sure that would help.

Alright, give me a few minutes.

It seems to be working just fine for me. It’s not banking at all.

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It didn’t bank when I tested it right now so I took a reply of today to show you

It’s not very visible but there was worse.
It banks at takeoff. Sometimes even more than that.
I checked the rudder and yoke was fine

Could you send a photo of your weight and balance please?