Plane automatically turn after takeoff


After takeoff, the aircraft (a320) turned automatically after takeoff.
How to resolve this ?


You’ve encountered a crosswind. Use the rudder to turn the opposite way when you’re taking off so you don’t go off course :)

It’s the same with landing, turn your Plane into the wind (crabbing), and when you reach the runway, kick the rudder to center the airplane to land without going off course or crashing.


Do what @Daniel_Cerritos said and also make sure you don’t have HDG on


Thanks for replying !
I will do this in my next takeoff :)


“Your rudder is your best friend.”

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It’s also helpful to apply pre-rudder to make sure you don’t turn at all. If you wait until you start turning to react you are still going to turn a little bit before whipping towards the other side. Your nose will always want to point into the wind, so if the wind is coming from your left you know your nose will rotate left. So as you near Vr, start applying small amounts of right rudder and continually add until you are stable.

  1. There could be crosswinds
  2. Use your rudder, trust me… its your best friend!
  3. Make sure your device is calibrated

Did you have A/P Nav turned on?

If not, it would be what they said above - a crosswind

No need to repeat the same information in different ways. Applying some rudder will help. Also you may find it useful to un-select auto coordination on the ground in your settings to give you more control.

Please PM me if you have more questions on this matter.

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See this video if you need any help in learning how to takeoff with winds, it is the case that you must use rudder otherwise you will find the wind will force the plane off the runway. It’s easy to learn with practice so hopefully this video helps.

Watch closely on how I use rudder, if I didn’t use any this scenario would look just like your images.

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