Plane automatically goes down and bank angles when auto pilot turned on

I was just flying to greece and i turned on auto pilot. My plane automatically started to go down/bank angle. Can someone help?

hi what plane are you using? and what your vs and speed and altitude? is there any winds?

A320-200 Aegan airlines. Hdg 59 Spd 298 VS 26

my guess here will be that the tailwinds are shaking your plane, or your speed is too low for your altitude, or you are too heavy for your altitude

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What was your autopilot altitude set to and what altitude were you at when you engaged the autopilot.

What was your weight @Pilotzz

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23.000 ft and 25.000 alt set, weird how it did that when the set alt is higher.

Was the altitude back to 0 in A/P when this happened?

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Hi @Pilotzz,
When you engage the autopilot, check certain parameters -

  1. You should not turn on AP quickly after takeoff.
  2. You should check the winds as they should not be too high.
  3. Check you vertical speed as sometimes it get changed.
  4. For LNAV (turns), don’t file flight plan with very steep turns or very quick turns.

Tip - Engage AP at 2000 ft after take off. This alt. does not have much of the winds as your problem was majorly because of winds !

I hope these would help you :)
Cheers !


Thanks! It worked :)

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