[Plane and Pilot Sposored!] (CLOSED)Kona Ellison Onizuka Flyout! (ONE gate!) @PHKO - 021500ZJUN19

Server: Training (will be official on the day of the event)

Airport: PHKO

Time: 2019-06-02T15:00:00Z

*NOTAM: first things first, you will only be signed up on weekends (I don’t have device accses on weekdays), you might be allowed to change destinations and aircraft, depending on realism. No patterns please, and no spam in the comments, use Unicom wisely, and enjoy your flight! (Runways announced day of)


Terminal 1

United, American, Alaska, Southwest.

United 737-9 to KSFO 1A: @OrcaKid (ORCA19)
United 737-9 to KLAX 2: @Luke_Sta
American A321 to KLAX 3: @Mike_Lima_Tango
American 777-2ER to KDFW 4:
Southwest 737-8 to PHNL, KOAK 5A:

Terminal 2

Hawaiian, Alaska, JAL.
West jet 737-8 to CYVR 6A: @anon11948201
Hawaiian 717-2 to PHOG 7: @anon45500775
Alaska 737-9 to KSJC 8: @BigBert10 (TFC-010)
Alaska 737-9 to KOAK 9: @MJL (ASVA020)
Hawaiian 717-2 to PHNL 10A: @AryaTheLivingMeme


Pacific Air Cargo, Fed-Ex.

Pacific Air Cargo 747-4(generic) to KDEN Cargo 1: @ztoastednoodle
Fed-Ex DC11F to KMEM Cargo 2: @Vidal99977 (Fed-Ex 99977)


TBM930 VFR GA1: @Airwolf
TBM930 Spotting GA2: @esant_15
TBM930 to KSBA GA3: @Jack_Q
Will add more if needed


Ground: @Niccckk
Tower: @Niccckk

Inspiration: @Balloonchaser
Help: @Kuba_Jaroszczyk


20190509_204439 | 20190509_204401 | 20190509_204418 | 20190509_204510


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Are you coming?

  • Yes, I’m on the list
  • No, but I want to
  • No, just flat no
  • I want atc!

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I’ll be a FedEx Dc-10f Callsign FedEx 9977 Heavy

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I’ll put you down!

I can be ground and tower ATC.

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Yes you may…

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Just so you know, Hawaiian does not have service from Kona to Oakland

Hawaiian from Oakland goes to Honolulu, Lihue, and Kahului

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I’m pretty sure they do.

But let me check.

Nope, that’s Alaska Airlines

Can I Have Westjet to YVr pls

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Yea, that’s true.

You can change a Alaska plane, do you want to be Alaska or change an Alaska?

Can I get an Alaska gate to San Jose please

I will fly the B739 instead of the B738

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Could I change the Pacific Air Cargo 747-4 to a FedEx MD-11 to KLAX?

Yes you may, do you have a callsign in mind?

I’ll take American 777 to KDFW

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Okay, and do you have a callsign?


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TFC-010 will most likely be my callsign for now

Unless I join @alaskavirtualairline sometime in the future ;)

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