Plane and Pilot’s EasyJet Getaway Pattern Event!

Today, I joined Plane and Pilot for a fun event! It was the EasyJet patterns event! We all used the EasyJet A319. The event took place at LSGG Geneva! On Expert Server! Enjoy! 😉 I would love to hear your feedback!
@Sashaz55, @PlaneCrazy 👀

Here are the stunning photos!

Here is @Captain_Awerty doing his touch and go!

Here is me coming in for my final touch and go!

And as all things come to an end, here is me finally stopping!

And as I join my friends at the gate after a very enjoyable flight!

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Great photos! Thanks for attending!


Thank You! It was a very fun event!

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Really nice! It was hard to choose between 3 and 4

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Thank You! Yeah they are really good!

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Wow, nice shots !!! The best I could see are here : EasyJet and LSGG.
Nice pictures, thank you for doing this guys !
I hope that we’ll be able to do it in the near future with the same livery but with the A320 at this time.

Don’t hesitate to vote for it, in order to do the same shots with the A320 one,one day. It would be amazing too !

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Amazing photo’s! looked like you all had fun


Thank You! We certainly did!


Thanks everyone for the feedback on the photos!

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