Plane and Pilot Final Event | All Landings + Screenshots

Though I was never in Plane & Pilot, I had a blast at their final event. P & P sounded like an amazing VO that has progressed and grown through the last 4 years on the IFC. I wish the best in the future for every member of P & P, and thank you so much for creating this wonderful event, @PlaneCrazy.

Here is a video that I made of all the landings! sorry about the bad thumbnail

Which landing do you think was the best?

Now here are the screenshots of my flight, in a Cessna Citation X


Aircraft and Livery: Generic C750 (Cessna Citation X)
Server: Expert
Flight Time: 0:40

  1. Waiting in line, look at all those engines!

  2. A beautiful mountain as I gracefully depart LAX

  3. Landing! (Couldn’t get any good cruising shots)

  4. Being the Air Force 1 in a beautiful flyover! (Thanks @Butter_Boi, @MJP_27, @Marcel001, @Captainflight)

Once again, thank you so much for this amazing event!
Felix out.


Floating Citation X.

Anyway those photos are great. I also really like the video.

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Also floating 757 haha! Thanks!

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It does not look like it’s floating. The Airbus does though.

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Wow. Gorgeous video and photos!

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It was a great event, and that formation was awesome!

Thank you Plane & Pilot for all the awesome events, so long to an awesome VO!


Great shots and vid!

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Haha no bias here! Jkjk, yours was right on centerline!

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Awesome phptos and video! Thanks for participating and helping give P&P a proper farewell!

My landing at the beginning really glitched out there… I know it was smoother than that😂


I touched down so late I almost rammed into your camera. At least it was butter. 😜

Nice landings y’all, I can finally see them all at once.

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Thanks a lot! Yeah it really did glitch out, great event once again!

Reminds me of every shark movie seen ever. Yes it was butter!


I spotted myself 🤣

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Oh what a butter you had!

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Thanks for sharing! Looking awesome :))

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@Butter_Boi must have admired my butter landing 😂

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