Plane and Pilot: East Coast Tour Highlights

After wrapping up our event on the east coast, we have put together some highlights for you! Enjoy!

Event Details

The PGA Tour is the main organizer of golf tournaments in the professional league. Every time they host an event, the local airport becomes very crowded with private aircraft owned by both players and spectators. In an effort to simulate this, Plane & Pilot hosted an event this weekend where we flew up the southeast coast of the United States (where a large number of PGA events are held) and did touch and goes at several of the host cities before landing in Augusta, Georgia, where the Masters Tournament was being held! The beaches of Florida and Georgia are a beautiful place to fly over, and made for a very scenic flight. This is a compilation of the best parts of the event, including takeoffs, landings, and inflight views.

Aircraft Used: We used the Citation X, 737-700 BBJ, and A318.

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Video was put together by me, Mattheus.


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