Plan Your Flights for Global!

Undoubtedly, this will be the first route I’ll go for: EVA Air from Hong Kong to Taipei.


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I know for a fact I am doing:
KLAX to KDEN (Frontier A318 livery)
And that’s all on my list at the moment

Cameron I am whole ly impressed!!! That looks awesome and if you don’t mind I think I will piggy back off that idea. My flights shall be according to reality.

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The thing I am most excited for is getting ahold of flight plans I can fill out once global flight emerges. It will look so cool to have a three hour flight instead of like twenty minutes!!! I am sooooo pumped! This will be even better then 3D buildings I think! At least as good


Nono @FlyFi don’t ruin the fun. @Amilga_Fariz_S try that in a 172. It will be funny to see lol

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CYYZ-KJFK Air Canada, either ERJ 175 or Q400.

How long is the flight?

About an hour.

Oh ok because I was wondering why a q400 was being used on a route like that. In my head I was thinking the route was atleast 2 hours for some reason

I’ll do PEK-FNJ Air China Boeing 737-700.
1 hour and 26 minutes.
(Beijing - Pyongyang)

tbh I don’t know where I’m going to fly yet but it’ll prob be LAX-SFO with the Virgin america a320 or jetBlue a320

first 3 flights
ANZ865 YMML-NZQN A320-200
JST610 YMAV-YSSY A320-200
AAL629 KLGA-KSEA 757-200

lol how r u going 2 do that? XD

Photoshop is the way to go

photshop? what?

Photoshop. dude, its only a simple mistake can you understand that?

i know what photoshop is. this is off topic so please stop.

how are you supposed to fly from YPPH to KJFK nonstop. it would take basically a day to complete that

Ultra Long Haul

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very very true. though the cessna 172 is a XS haul that basically goes 30nm, turns around and then comes back the 30nm to land

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How much hours would it take to fly from Dubai to Mumbai or anywhere south india