Plagarizing Photos on the IFC

Very well said,

You get the angle, lighting and a rare aircraft for it to be stolen. Its disgusting.

They take them as they cant be bothered to do it themselves.

Most stolen photos
Rare aircraft
Retro liveries


Seriously, I don’t even know why this is a problem.

You’re literally breaking the law for what? Some IFC clout? I don’t see the appeal.

“Spotters” who just steal photos are an absolute embarrassment to the rest of us who actually devote countless hours and hundreds of dollars developing our art. It’s an insult.

Aviation photography is difficult. I get it. But it’s not that difficult to get started. Get out there and try something.

The Triple S will never stop patrolling the ranks of spotting topics.

If I sound angry in this post, it’s because I am.


Thank you for saying this. The IFC has been plagued as of late by people blatantly taking photos from the internet and conning them off as their own. This shows a lack of integrity, character, and brings the honesty of the IFC down. Please, do not participate in this poor behavior.


To add on,
I asked to remove my Kemble pics of 747s as i got in a great area to photograph and i didnt want them stolen


Spot on. I hope the people who do this stop because it’s disgusting. I’ve caught people using my photos before and I was absolutely irate. I don’t know if it’s laziness or just plain stupidity, but it needs to stop. I genuinely thank you for this message and hope it makes an impact.


Am I the only who did never checked authenticity of the photos because I always thought that nobody on the IFC could have ever posted plagiarised images?

Really surprises me this awful practice, ethically and legally incorrect


I always just trusted them before this became an issue. It tends to occur with first time category posters.


Until recently, I don’t think many people did. It’s more of a recent thing. But now when I see images from people who have seemingly never spotted before and their pictures seem very solid, I always question it (not an insult to those new people who actually produce good images).


Who else saw a HUGE increase in ppl posting in the RWA Spotting?


Thankfully I’m yet to find someone do this to me but its horrible that it happens anyway. People doing it for Forum clout. Good that someone brought this up cause it is definitely something that has to be addressed here.

How someone can think of doing it is beyond me.


I usually post my own images, but is it allowed to post pictures and give the author credit at the bottom?

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Let’s frame it like this:

If you were someone who never spotted before, and you went out and took some images (with a real camera), and let’s just say they’re not great.

So what?

If you post them here, you will inevitably get advice, both shooting and editing, from people here. That allows you to improve.

Now let’s say to decide to steal something off of JetPhotos, Airliners, or Spotterguide. You maybe get your hour of clout. And then you get caught and no one ever trusts your images or respects you as a spotter for a very long time.

Pick your route wisely.


If you have there permission to post there photos

I think

Yes, as a rookie plane spotter it also disgusts me when people do that. I put in hours or days of my time for the photos and there are people who steal all the credit, Shane on them!

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I didn’t know this was an issue here. But stealing and lying is not ok here or other places.


Yeah. I jumped on the train too, I usually go to my airport to practice taking photos as I like photography and aviation and thought I would get some opinions from the IFC. But some people just want to see the Spotting Genre on the IFC go to ruins


Here’s the path of logic.

New user wants to get into a high up place (regular, moderator, whatever), so farms and tries as hard as he/she can to get into that high up place as fast as can be, so they get everyone’s attention and likes by posting often, posting “good” content (most of which isn’t theirs), so they can trick everyone, perhaps getting likes, making friends and getting people to be on their side, and then get the high up position.

TL;DR - farming does not work


It’s not your photo, so no.


This pops up every now and again, and is part of the topic guidelines.

Keep in mind that posting someone else’s nice photo might get you some likes in the short term, but everyone is always found out eventually. Please post your own work, and don’t disrespect the actual creator of the photos.