Places to spot at Phoenix Sky Harbor

Hello there everybody! If there is anybody from Arizona here, or know Phoenix Sky Harbor Int’l pretty well, I was wondering if you know where any good airplane spotting ocations are. If you do have any recommendations, post some pictures from your spotting experience. Thank you very much! :)

I think the Terminal 4 parking garage would be great for spotting.

I’m from Phoenix and would say the parking garage that @GolferRyan said would work. I don’t go spotting so can’t really help. Do like a quick google search about spotting at KPHX.

Washington & 40th. Go down 40th towards the airport and you’ll be right next to runway 8 perfect spot for the BA747 arrival. There’s parking and plenty of space as well as the road kinda dead ends by the runway.

Know lots of people in PHX. Terminal 4 parking garage the last level is the best place

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My favorite place is dead end of 40th street on the south end of the airport. All the 25R departures as well as the 25L arrivals

There’s a dirt “road” hill at the dead end and you’ll almost always see other people up there. I’ve even spotted there at the same time as a PHX police officer.

I know a few guys that spot there regularly! If you have a social meadia account I can put you in touch with them

In Phoenix I stayed at the Kimpton. On the hotel there was a roof top pool right under the final for the runway. Plane spotting was epic here.

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