Places to spot at ACY?

I’m in Atlantic City for the weekend. Any locals know of any good spotting locations at KACY? I brought a 55-250mm lens.

There are frequent airshows in Atlantic City so if there is maybe you can head down to the boardwalk and snap pics of some fighters. Personally I dont think ACY is good for spotting as it gets at max 3 aircraft arriving in a span of one hour. Maybe I’m wrong, never been spotting there.

However, @Levet lives in that area so maybe he can help you


Agreed, not much action other than M-F 9am and then 2pm the 177th Fighter Wing F18’s go out for training. We used to spot there in the 80’s and 1990’s but security measures and Homeland things changed all that.

I recommend using google maps (on satellite view) to find a good spot. One that I found is by Rwy 13, a road passes by close to the runway.

Great chance that stopping along the road (Tilton Rd. and S. Pomona Rd are heavily patrolled and there’s signage) will result in the military police and Egg Harbor Twp Police stopping and saying move along. Like I said earlier, times changed as the airport grew and security measures changed.

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Spirit has a “focus city” at ACY,however they usually don’t send more than 10 planes a day.

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They do have a waiting lot and cell phone area but you might be able to observe from the parking garage.

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