Places in the Caribbean to Island Hop to and from?

So I was going to Island hop in the Caribbean and live stream the hopping on YouTube today does anybody have any idea what airports I should fly to?

I already have TFFJ, TNCM, Saba

Go to Barbados!

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alright thats one! Thanks!

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TFFF (Martinique), TFFR (Point-A-Pitre), TKPK (St Kitts/Bradshaw)

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alright thank you very much guys! Appreciate the help!

Im in school right now and my break period is almost over so i have to go see you around guys!

TNCM, TFFR, TFFF, Barbados, ABC-islands, Bahama’s, and ending in Miami

TJST. I’ve been there IRL and it’s a nice small airport with great scenery.

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Providenciales Turks and Caicos MBPV
I’ve flown there in real life and it’s just as beautiful in infinite flight!


Welcome to the community @_Cc! And thanks for the reccomendation

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If your would like to start from mainland South America I would recommend Caracas, then you can fly to destinations such as Willemstad and Bridgetown :)

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Alright! Thanks!

when you planning on flying? I would happily come along

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Close your eyes 👀😗 then press your finger somewhere in the Caribbean! And go hopping.

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TFFJ TNCM Saba Barbados and others I haven’t decided yet but I’m probably going to do it on Wednesday.

Try out North Cat Cay Airport (MYCC). It’s a very small island in the Bahamas, and the runway is slightly longer than that of Saba’s…

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Alright! Thanks for the suggestion

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