Place Spam Restrictions on ATC when Aircraft is out of range

Of course we know there’s restrictions for pilots in IF where a message warns us if we try to send a duplicate message, but what about placing restrictions on Air Traffic Controllers? Some of them spam you with on guard warnings before you even have the capability to tune into the frequency.

Multiple times I was on route to JFK and my frequency list would say “No Frequency” and be completely empty but yet there would be someone in New York Approach spamming me continuosly to tune into frequency. Then not too long ago, I was spammed by New York Departure while I was already far out of the range of being capable to tune into the frequency.

There should be a warning for ATC to prevent this in the same manner as there is a warning for fellow pilots.

Another incident taken while I was on the ground at JFK and could not contact Departure because I hadn’t taken off quite as yet

I believe this only happens on the TS and not on the ES where you have experienced controllers. On the ES they won’t spam you with on-guards.


Im saying this should be placed on all servers regardless. Training Server should be used to train the ATC as well instead of only being used to train the pilots.


it doesnt make any sense to place these restrictions on IFATC, they are vetted though a process and they are constantly monitered plus they can be found on the IFC


As well as this it isn’t feasible, say I was send clrd for takeoff then I realise soon after it isn’t clear then I can’t send hold position because it would be considered as “spamming” by the system. Unless it’s for On-guard only then that’s a different story.

It makes absolutely complete sense. Even if they can be found by IFC, this doesn’t mean that they’ll always be found if the person never reports about it. Most people would just ignore it or mute their device but I find it quite annoying.

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I’m not talking about sending different messages. I’m talking about sending On Guard messages nonstop back to back.

this never happens in expert server

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I wouldn’t call that spamming. That’s 3 messages in 5 minutes, I’d do the same thing if the person was in my airspace. IFATC Also sends you 3 messages in 5 minutes before they ghost you.

It doesn’t matter if it never happens on Expert Server. It happens on Training Server. My point is if there’s a warning for pilots to not spam duplicate messages, the same regulation should be reciprocated onto the controllers.

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if its clear he cant communicate dont keep onguarding him

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I’d like to point out that you may want to specify a time interval within your request. IFATC will actually do this; many controllers send you multiple on-guards (over a reasonable period of time, of course) in order to signal that you’re in an active airspace.

Sending it 5 times in a minute? Spam. But, sending it with a few minutes in between? That’s so you don’t get ghosted after not responding to the first warning.


I mean, it’s based on the circumstances. Would you do that if he was on final at a busy airport like LAX?

That’s wrong. Only send 1 on-guard message. They don’t tune into your frequency? Treat them as NORDO and make space for them so they can land safely.

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It most certainly is spamming when you’re sending me duplicate messages and I can’t even tune into the frequency. How would you view the situation if you were far out of the range to tune into the frequency, yet every second you’re receiving on guard warnings?

Thats not true. You can easily go onto the map and tune in from there. Its not that its “impossible” to reach. Yeah, ok. Who likes to be spammed? But this is something very minor that can be very easily solved by a “mute” too.

You’re missing the point. Why should they have the ability to spam me/warn me continuosly if I do not have the ability to tune in because I’m far out of the frequency range?

That’s a different story. I’m talking about if you were in range.

And I’m talking about being out of range. If I was in range then this would’ve been a completely different request.

in conclusion, its training server. lots of people do not know what they are doing…