PK-IDR tries to break the record for longest flying on Infinite Flight

Hello Community! Welcome to my thread 😊

This time I will make a thread about me trying to break the longest flying record in Infinite Flight, where the record is still held by @A-FitzGerald on 2019-06-13T00:00:00Z. source got it from @Cameron’s reply on a thread

My flight this time was inspired by @iidvdii and @CrazyBee 🤪🙉

I’m trying to break this record starting on 2021-03-21T15:12:00Z from WIII to EGGW. On that day I had a target to fly until Wednesday this week but it turned out, that it wasn’t possible because last night there was a bug in the system from Infinite Flight and unfortunately my plane had to crash in the sea around Turkey Region while flying from WADD to LSZH 😓. As you can see from this video

2021-03-29T02:45:00Z I was quite shocked when I got news from @Juiceinaglass with the message “your plane crashed”, immediately my eyes woke up and my sleepiness disappeared instantly 😬. With a heavy heart, I had to complete my flight today at 162hrs51mins.

For almost 7 days I have made 16 flights, it’s almost 3 times around the earth with a recorded mileage of 71.003 miles or the equivalent of 114,268km Source

Anyway, with that total flight hours, I think I can get into the top ten list of people who fly with the longest duration am I right? haha just kidding 😅. It doesn’t matter anyway this is just for fun.
But my other goal in doing this flight is, which is to promote Garuda Indonesia Virtual so that more and more people will know that there is a virtual airline from Indonesia, that’s why during the flight I used the GAVA callsign and used our pride aircraft, it’s the Boeing 777-300ER. I hope you are happy to have me as one of your crew @GarudaVirtualGroup 😅

And last but not least I would like to say to all IFATC controllers who have had time to control both when I landed and took off, especially at:

Hopefully next time or maybe when Dev has released the A330-300, I will fly again using the A330-300 from Garuda Indonesia and be able to break the record for the longest flying in an infinite flight.

Thanks for stopping by to read my thread! I hope all of you are always healthy and you are still enthusiastic about your activities! Have a nice day!

Source: My Photo at Soekarno-Hatta Int’l Airport (CGK/WII)


Just want to share :)


Haha, I just remembered that I flew together from HNL at that time. But why is my door still open lol 😂


:) well at least your passengers use the seatbelt…

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Nice record! Saw you near WADD yesterday.

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Yups haha :). Thanks btw!

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Anjas break record

HAHA 🤣. what is the meaning of anjas dude?😋

WOW! Amazing mate!

Thanks a lot @BAK_UOV 🥂

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Congrats!! It was an honour controlling for you ;)

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Thanks a lot mate! 🍻

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do a one month long flight

Nice job mate ;) Sure you’ll do better next time lol and thanks for passing by Stansted :D

Great job Ricky, I am happy that I could serve you as Approach on your record breaking journey! :)

Hello dear
Congratulations for your record that is honored to give you goal to get .
I love when someone make a challenge and for the record that is breaking by me and @CrazyBee and some one I can’t say his name .
My record is 276:03 hours .

And dear @CrazyBee he make over 222 flying hours 👇🏻

And the person who break our records he makes over 288 flying hours 👇🏻

And now I hope you can do your best .

You have my respect


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