Pizzaboy’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @LIMC [Written Passed]

Hey, I just passed my written test and want to get in some good practice before taking my practical. If anyone would mind stopping by and doing some circuits or anything like that, it would be greatly appreciated!


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Hey N1850D here,
So I don’t know if it was a mistake with the first transition altitude but it was 1000 feet too low. And then you asking me to say intentions was unnecessary. You should’ve just said I’m sorry and corrected my transition altitude. The clearance for the landing was perfect but exit runway never came. I had to specifically ask to change frequencies, which should have come with the exit runway. I’ve then asked to taxi to runway 14 right and you denied it, Which was correct. Overall, I would say you should practice a little bit more before you take the practical. Thanks for controlling!

If you know the basics of ground and tower controlling, you should do the test but I would recommend getting a bit of training from a trainer before doing the practical test.

On the way

Thanks for the feedback and stopping by

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Hey are you still open?

Yes I was but closed for a bit. I am open right now if you want to stop by

Congratulations! Good luck!

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I will be controlling later on at around 2021-08-21T21:00:00Z for a longer session. Please do consider stopping by. Thanks!

Now open @LFBO!

Have my first training session today, so would greatly appreciate anyone sopping by at at LIRP (where my first session will be), to get some more practice in


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