Pixel 2 lag

I’ve had my pixel 2 for around three months, and one of my reasons for buying it was to play infinite flight smoothly with no lag at the highest settings. I saw that it had top of the line specs and was one of the top end phones on the market. However, I’ve been experiencing lots of fps lag on the ground and in the air, but less when cruising at 30000ft etc. I was wondering if this was a problem with the phone that anyone else might be experiencing on the pixel 2 or if its just that the phone can’t run infinite flight at Max settings. Any suggestions or fixes would be great to help me smooth out the gsme.

I have the Pixel 2 as well. I usually only experience a lag when approaching busy airports, like during a FNF event.

It could be that you have downloaded other apps that are running in the background while flying that could be taking CPU and/or network usage.

Try to reboot your phone before your next flight and see how it goes. Be sure to have the “enable low power mode” enabled as this can really help out both your battery and the device.


Additionally, I recommend you to install the app “Clean Master”. Let it clear all the unnecessary folders and files, which can cause some lags.

Some Android devices have similar problems. Mine had that too. A factory reset helped.