Pivoting camera

This is just a suggestion to the Infinite Flight Developers.

Today I was flying and I noticed that while flying the fixed cameras change their angle with the airplane. Meaning that if the plane rotates, the camera rotates with it and shows an angled view. My suggestion is to make the camera be at a fixed angle meaning that whenever you look out the window, you will see the ground to be at a 0-degree angle.

The benefit of this suggestion would be that Wing view pictures would be more realistic showing that the airplane is climbing. Additionally, during turbulence, the camera would stay at one angle and we would be able to see how severe the turbulence is and how much the wing flexes.

Additionally please tell me if this is in the wrong category.

Hey mate,

This should be in #features, but you are currently in TL1, and you need to be in TL2 to post in #real-world-aviation #features & #live:events. Don’t use #general as an alternative.

Once you reach the TL2 (Member), you can make a #features topic explaining your request (like you’ve wrote above). Keep contibuting in a positive way and you’ll be there in no time. Make sure there isn’t a duplicate topic ;)

Check out this topic for future reference :=)

Nice suggestion though!