Pittsburgh - The Saddest International Airport

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Today as of right now like literally as you’re reading these words, I am sitting in Pittsburgh International Airport (KPIT) and I have a few things to say in regards to the lovely massive former US Airways hub.

First off, the airport is pretty decently sized with a good selection of restaurants. That’s about where the “international” leaves the title. In other regards it’s basically a regional field with the occasional traffic. Let me describe what I mean.

  1. I landed at Pittsburg 11:30 AM local time. For most airports this is prime time or near prime time. As we were taxiing off the field I counted how many planes were on the ground. 6 commercial aircraft in total where at gates or taxiing over the entire field. The airport can easily handle several dozen if not more at the same time.

  2. The most action in a 4 hour period I’ve gotten was 3 aircraft holding short of the runway. Other then that it’s been basically cleared for takeoff as soon as you approach the runway.

  3. Within the course of 3 hours I’ve counted 15 departures. Arrivals are a lot more common but they are on a side of the field I am not.

  4. At it’s busiest time so far, maybe half the terminal has been full, and that’s during peak travel time. Other then that it’s like a ghost town throughout the entire airport. That’s also good news because that means a lot of areas to relax in a spacious terminal with little traffic.

  5. The WiFi is probably one of the worst yet. Previously, LAX held the record for the slowest and spottiest WiFi (and that was when they were doing construction). Pittsburgh takes the lead. It took 11 minutes to go from clicking on “Fly Pittsburgh” in the WiFi settings to connecting. It took another 15-20 minutes to be able to load even my emails.

  6. There are virtually no power outlets other than 2-3 stations set up by the airport. I’m lucky because I found a delta gate that looks abandoned and am able to use their charging ports. And usually these ports are surrounded by people.

  7. The largest aircraft outside of cargo so far is a B738 with the smallest being the 208. For an ‘international’ airport this is a sad sight but not in any way bad.

  8. And finally the folks here in this airport are not very nice. They yelled at a poor young mom to control her kids who were running back and forth to the windows and their seating area, talking about airplanes. Tsk tsk.

In conclusion, I’m happy I was able to visit Pittsburgh and for the cheap price I got it at, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say how the heck is this airport still operational and what do Condor and WOW see here? Photos below. Feel free to drop comments or just wonder in silence like I am. My flight back to Denver leaves tonight so i’ll Be here a bit longer. Cheers folks!


@KPIT Listen to the man! Fix your airport!


@KPIT maybe this is for you


Also I tried uploading more photos but the WiFi took one look, burst out laughing, and shut down. So…yeah ✌🏼

It used to be such a hopping airport back in the day…

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Dang! @KPIT

People hating on your airport here! What do you have to say for yourself XD


@KPIT I’ll be the 4th person to @ you!
What’s your opinion on this slander of your airport?


Dont worry guys theres a paragraph for this, I just need to finish somthing else


I knew @KPIT wasn’t gonna like this…

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I’ll get the popcorn 🍿


My home airport is more boring same flights every day

Waiting happily:) 😁😂

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It’s going to be a bit guys


Is this gonna be a whole essay?

My home airport is KWHP
So yea pretty boring

(Really boring)

Only get about 2 Cessnas over my house a day

Meant to reply to the topic lol

I mean nothing can change what the airport is. Self defense for ones home field is to be expected. I’d get up in arms if someone had a complaint with dia

Same with me for SJC XD


I was in Pittsburgh a few months ago. Even though it’s not very busy, it’s a pretty nice airport in my opinion. It has a good restaurant and shop selection (as you said), the terminal is pretty nice, and in my opinion the staff were really friendly. I also really like the train that you take to the terminal:-D


I know you don’t know much about Pittsburgh but to ask why an airport is operational in the vicinity of a large city is a bit self-explanatory. You also seemed to base your judgement mostly on the fact that it wasn’t a busy day? The airport was made to be a hub, of course its not going to be bustling without that.

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