Pittsburgh Steelers (U.S. Air) A319

Now if you aren’t from America this may be hard for you to get, but here in Pittsburgh (and America) we are huge about Football, proper football, the kind whare you break bones and get concussions. And here in Pittsburgh that is specifically directed at the Pittsburgh Steelers! Us Terrible Towel waving, super bowl winning Pittsburghers can’t get enough football. In fact we are so good we have won the most Superbowls (not to brag but…). So guess what the best livery ever is? Yep, the one painted like the Steelers…


I mean it is no replacement for a Terrible Towel, but it is pretty darn awesome as a Steelers fan…

Great livery, terrible team 🤭🤗. Lol, anyways, I hope this gets added, as I’d love to fly this beauty in and out of KPIT!


Starts slow clap

Really beautiful livery!


Tell me my team is terrible when your team has more Lombardi Trophies…

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That plane must do some really nice TOUCHDOWNS…I’ll see myself out.


Lol, I was kinda joking. I don’t really follow the NFL much anymore. I kinda am a Vikings fan, but I don’t really watch them much. Anyways hope this livery’s added


I can see why you made this request 😂

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Ya, no problem, I am kinda joking too since I am not huge on football, but it is hard to to love it here, with our teams sports are huge part of our city…

Cool livery but I’m out of votes, since we are on the topic of American football team liveries are there any others other than the falcons and patriots?

Ya, US actualy had a few…

I like the livery but am a Packers fan!😜

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I’d back this, however “proper football” uses feet. Hence foot.

Not your catch and throw/weak man’s rugby/egg ball.

I’ll vote when one frees up, I love the Steelers…


But this looks like a very vivid and kinda lit livery. Probs wouldn’t vote for it, but would love to see it around the infinite skies someday.


If anything, they gotta add this bad boy

Pittsburg who?

(You got my
Vote ;))


Great team Great Livery garbage airline that’s extinct lol

Im english proper football is the one that has 3.5 billion fans, however i also love american football i’m a lions fan:) anyway great livery but don’t have any votes:(

Pleas go…

The worst livery ever made has been shown before your eyes, I am terriblely sorry for what @SterlingArcher has subjected you all to… 👎🏻

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Im pro Pittsburgh, but we arnt as good as we used to be 😂. We actually havent done well in baseball in a while either. I feel Pittsburgh was on top back in the day.

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