Pittsburgh loses Paris service...

After topic after topic of good news at KPIT, new airlines, new services, new destinations. As I hold my breath waiting for the announcement of a Dublin route, we get devistating news. September 3rd will be the last flight of the nearly decade long service between Pittsburgh, and Paris on Delta. The airline has done this among a general reform of their Paris service. They have increased services from LAX and JFK, while cutting KPIT. No other cities have had a Paris flight cut as of yet. The airline cited increasing competition in the transatlantic market. Flights were up from a 757 to a 767 this year making me hopeful for future of the flight. Now Inwould say that their reason sounds plausible. Until 2016 when WOw announced flights to Reykjavik they were the only European connection from KPIT. Now WOW, Condor, and BA all have some of that market. With Aer Lingus reportedly looking into an incursion into the market. Hopefully there are good things to come. Sorry for the bad news everyone… 😪😕😢



EWR also had a CDG cut.


Really? What I saw said Pittsburgh was the only one?

You can thank British Airways for that one. Not a chance that route would be profitable with BA starting up the LHR Route.


Yeah a family relative was going to come from Paris to EWR, but because of this, their flight was diverted to Atlanta and then to EWR later this month.

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Wow just saw the Pittsburgh-Paris route going to Cincinnati from Paris which makes me wonder when Cincinnati will be cut…


Well if the other competition is the reason CVG only has Iceland air I believe, but @Cbro4 could enlighten you there…

I don’t mind :) I never cared for PIT enough to be heartbroken over loss of service of a route I’ll never see or fly 🙃

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It’s actually WOW Air. :) OCD does a correction! Also I lived around an hour away from CVG.

At least someone is ok with this… 😂

It’s hard to care about a route I never new existed from an airport I’ll never fly to 😀

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Oh, I thought you had a MAX 8 for Iceland Air, like the one actually called Iceland Air. We have WOW too, and damn do I love the purple plane…

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That is true, I suppose you have no reason to care…

Glad we cleared that up ;) so I don’t mind the bad news at all.

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I don’t know that there was every really a misunderstanding, I wouldn’t care if they ended a flight to “over the rainbow” 😂

Give British Airways credit for his one.

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They did that so they can start up a Tampa to Amsterdam flight and use the KPIT plane on that route


I mean we don’t really have one plane assigned, it is often a different one, but it still opens up a 767 destination…


EWR and PIT had CDG service on Delta, which is Interesting since PIT and EWR aren’t Delta Hubs. I wonder how Delta was able to keep these routes without doing it from their usual hubs.

I hope maybe Air France can serve KPIT in the future if it’s possible


I believe Paris Charles is one of Delta’s mini-hubs or possibly a focus city as it flies to quite a few destinations from there.

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