Pittsburgh International coming 3D

Same here. Looking forward to it.

I was waiting for this one, looks exciting!!


Beautiful! May I suggest Atlantic City (KACY) as one of your projects?

IFAET members typically don’t take requests, but you can sometimes hit your luck with some extra nice members

Gotta try with new editors all the time!

Unfortunately for you, I already have 3 airports I’m currently working on, two of which are hubs. I do think ACY would be an awesome addition to the 3D list, especially with the banana bus😉

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Is it at all possible for some WIP shots?

That is up to the editor to share but PIT looks very good as I just spawned in and took a look at it!

I used to work those gates (D76-88) when I worked as a ramper. My favorite has to be the C concourse bc of the international flights.


you just gave me an idea for a fun longhaul!!
Amazing picture


I am very exited for KPIT! What update will it be released in?

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It’s not yet completed. We are unable to provide information regarding which update the airport will be in. It all depends on how fast the editor can finish the airport.

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How’s good old Pittsburgh coming along?

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Any updates on this awesome 3D airport? I’m hoping it will be in the next update… whenever that is🙄

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It won’t (ten characters)

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Any updates?


Looks awesome!

This is is spectacular! Can’t wait!