Pittsburgh Airport - First to Allow Non-Flyers Past Security Since 9/11

It is just a few minutes. Also, we live in 2017. Pretty much every city and village in the planet can communicate with anyone else.

That is so unimaginably unlikely that it is not worth the safety compromise. Just my opinion.

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Don’t go down this road. This forum is not the platform for political debates and public assaults.

Edit: you retracted your comment Pilot999, wise move ;) just be mindful and courteous as we have people from all age groups, beliefs and ethnicities from all around the globe. Thanks for removing your comment.


I’ve deleted it. Now I’ve been told to delete it

Back on topic now ;)

FYI, everyone is still going to be screened before there let in.



Source: http://www.flypittsburgh.com/mypitpass


Now Cayman people can meet there loved ones at arrival like everyone else and say there goodbyes after they checked their bag. One level of security drop can bring bad people to the airport. I am on the side where everyone says that it shouldn’t happen. Hopefully nothin’ Ghana happen if they do this.


It just so happens that I will be flying to this airport next year to see my grandparents, which means I will be able to see them a little earlier😆

I do agree with you though, seems like there could be some potential for bad stuff. I wonder what made them deside to do this.

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That is exactly what I was thinking. There doesn’t seem to be any logical reason. I really really hope this doesn’t happen. It doesn’t say in the article either…


The more people that they let into the terminals means that they can generate more revenue at the stores and restaurants. This is primarily a marketing strategy.


That is true… but is it really worth the compromise? I wouldn’t be so sure. Though apparently they will also be subject to some security tests, but I am not sure if they are strict enough.

TSA will run them through a systematic security process.

MaxSez: Naïveté, I can’t belive the mind set of some of you. The world is in flames. Yet you support opening the doors. With that attitude your becoming “the Enemy Within”. The day will come when you or yours are the victim. It’s to late then!


Well I am not from the U.S. so I am not sure how different security is there from here, so I can’t be sure if the non-fliers will be subject to the same safety checks as everyone else as detailed in the article.

Lack of passengers. The airport is made to handle 32 million passengers per year but there only averaging about 8 million.

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I disagree Max, if the airport does its due diligence with systematic screening, vigil employees and surveillance then this won’t be a problem. If you leave your house everyday believing that today is it well I’m sorry. We can’t cower, quiver or remain fearful. We must unite, have hope and utilize measures to counter evasive and elusive behaviors with a proactive and innovative mentality.


If they pass through the same security dont see the big problem

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This is my opinion, but unless you have an interest in aviation which a majority of the population doesn’t, people would rather go to a mall or some other shopping center to buy things, and rather go out to a restaurant to eat, not go to the airport for their meals. I have an interest in aviation but I still wouldn’t go to an airport to shop or eat when I can drive 10 mins to a shopping center nearby.

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I see no issue with this. Same screening as everyone else, plus they probably won’t have luggage anyway so that isn’t a threat. I don’t think most people will even bother with the hassle in all honesty. If you have an problem with this then you don’t believe TSA checks are secure enough, so that is your real issue here (:


@Levet… MaxSez: Keep believing what you espouse. typical Mom & Apple pie syndrome. I’ve seen the elephant, he don’t like us. I never let my guard down. Trust but verify… Been there done that.

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No need for over reaction. I think it is a threat to safety, but nothing more. Not some sort of “word burning elephant” that doesn’t like us. Also, please don’t make this political. The world is not in flames.

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