Pittsburgh Airport - First to Allow Non-Flyers Past Security Since 9/11

Hello forum goers, so recently I was going through the news app on my IPhone. I saw this one article from CNN, Pittsburgh’s Airport is now allowing non-passengers past security into the terminals, basically you can go to the gate that your loved one is coming out of, and see them there. This is the first time a US Aiport is doing this since 9/11.

What’s your opinion on this? Mine is mixed emotions, to the negative side. There could be more potential opportunities for bad stuff to happen, I hope they have some kind of system to prevent this.


Really? The TSA lets that happen???


Not too sure on the finer details. Got my info from CNN, so it could be fake news.


I also have mixed emotions. On the positive side, this is good for family members.

But I just hope that the United States will not let their guard down, thinking that another 9/11 cannot possibly happen again.


Please no! I don’t want security compromised! I hope they don’t implement this.

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I agree with you there. In more ways am I against it then for it TBH.

@SF34 Think they could be telling the truth.

@nicochile2 I hope they have some sort of safety system in place.


I hope those safety systems are not implementing this and leave it as it is.

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Yeah. Though doing this will also give some good spotting opportunities I hope…


I would be against it. But I once read that during a test, the TSA missed crucial security issues 95% of the time (Ill find my source), which is more concerning to me.

Edit: Source - https://www.google.com/amp/www.foxnews.com/travel/2017/07/10/minneapolis-airport-tsa-reportedly-failed-95-percent-security-tests.amp.html


Yes, I have read this story recently!

I’m both-sided on this entire situation. It’s beneficial because it gives a chance for people to be with their loved ones, in their final moments before embarking on their journey, at the gate prior to boarding. It also encourages aviation enthusiasts such as myself and others to have a great opportunity of airplane spotting from the comfort of the terminal.

However, this may be trouble for ordinary travelers specifically at the security lines. Lines will be unusually long at TSA due to families and other citizens, who are not traveling but are just going to gates to meet other families or just to lounge around the gate areas, taking up space. This’ll then cause regular travelers to plan ahead of time and arrive at the airport sooner than usual so they don’t face delays while in the security lines. There’s also the other obvious problem with bad people finding loopholes in the system and sneaking into the gate areas with unauthorized items and such.

This whole thing just seems very convoluted but we’ll all see how this works in due time.


Honestly there is no reason to stay with your loved ones for 90 more minutes before boarding. There is no reason to compromise safety because people want to spend 90 more minutes with people. Just no.

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Yeah, why can’t people just take a little more time to just go through security with their loved one, even if they’re not flying?

I know they do this at KSAN.

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That doesn’t even matter. As @Nathan said, that just crowds the cues. Just leave them before they go trough security. It’s no like you won’t be able to talk to them as soon as they land back.

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Also, keep in mind, some people like to stay with their loved one for as long as possible. Maybe you wouldn’t care, but some people would appreciate it.

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Dude it’s just 60-90 minutes. Makes no difference.


Not necessarily, some remote places don’t have wifi or some people cant utilize their cell phones. Some people may be traveling away from home for an extended period of time like missionaries that go to remote villages for instance.


I’m ok with it. I’m probably making a stupid mistake and missing something obvious but surely if they aren’t allowed on the plane they can’t do anything bad

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Just wait for them to get to their hotel or village or something. Surely there must be some way to communicate with them. Even old-style phones. It’s a few hours. Not a difference.

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I disagree with you here.

Put yourself in these people’s shoes. What if you had a loved one departing to another city or country hundred of miles away from you? What if said individual would be away for a whole year? Wouldn’t you want to spend these last critical moments with them? I definitely would. :)

I don’t want to be a negative Nancy here, but let’s say theoretically the plane somehow gets into a horrible accident and everyone in board dies. Wouldn’t you have regrets that you couldn’t spend these last moments with them at the gate instead of the terminal curbside or even back at home?

What if the destination this person is going to has no cellular service (which some places don’t have)? How could you contact them then? Wouldn’t it be more relieving to just say your goodbyes the second they get on the plane? :)


Here in Australia, mainly at the domestic airports, you are allowed to go through security as a non-flyer. Good for meeting family and friends or for plane spotting. The only way it’s different to normal traveller, is that it is safer, as the non-flyer doesn’t have a suitcase to possibly conceal things in. Yes, they may have a backpack or whatnot, but all of it has to go through the x-ray machines.

To us in Australia, this is no big deal. You’ve been allowed to get through security as a non-flyer for years, and there hasn’t been a problem, apart from a recent plot to blow up a plane, but the explosive was taken in through the catering facilities, not through passenger security screening. I am all for this idea, as it’s great to enter the terminal as a non-flyer, and I’d love to see this being implemented all over the States!