Pitts S-1S

I would like to make a request about this plane because number 1 its like the best plane to fly and number 2 we need a bit more GA planes, this one can also do stunts incase IF ever wanted to make a montly airshow event (prob wont happen). But anyways heres a picture i found from bing.com of Chefpitts Airshows
If anyone would like this plane in the game, feel free to vote!

I feel that it would be fun and somewhat make more people who are into stunt flying (like me) play IF way more often and just feel connected more in a way.

That’s my request on the Pitts S-1S I have not seen anyone make a topic about any stunts plane so I decided to switch it up for once, bye. 👋

Would be amazing to have some stunt aircraft!

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Yes! It would be!

I must admit I love this idea! Would be really fun! You’ve got my vote!

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Hey bud, I might have beat you to it. Sorry about that 😬


Nooooooooooo what do I do about this topic??

I would leave it up to the mods. You can flag the topic and let them know.

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Oh ok I’ll have the mods close it or something

Alright. Feel free to continue in my topic. This is an amazing aircraft we both want in. Every vote counts! 👍🏻

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