Pitot Tube Heat and Icing

A pitot tube is a long tube like structure on planes that is used for measuring a wide variety of things important to pilots such as: speed, altitude, etc. To measure this, a pitot tube uses pressure within bernoulis equations as the main means of getting the airspeed and altitude of a plane.

Also, With the emergence of clouds layers coming in future updates, pilots might have to worry about new layer of frozen ice crystals due to condensation and freezing tenperatures in the clouds.

With icing conditions (such as in the clouds) the pitot opening can ice over. This can cause disruption in the ability for the pilot to get accurate information to very important measurements. To combat this a pilot should turn on pitot heat to negate this risk.


This will add a level and depth of new realism that can be seen through the sim.

Interesting. Will vote when possible

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I like the idea! Very realistic. My only thing is IF doesn’t have emergencies which sadly means Pitot head isn’t really needed. But I love the idea.

maybe a easter egg in the game you can do? that’d be nice

A Air France A330 actually crashed a few years ago because the Pitot tube froze

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Yeah, exspecially for those who love going to 50000 feet 😂

I was just thinking that it would be implemented further into the future, maybe when we get more cloud layers closer to the ground so it would be an issue. Maybe ATC could add emergencies by then, but I think that pitot heat could stop the emergency right when it is turned on. Also, ATC could direct the plane away from weather/icing conditions.

Almost 12 years to be exact. It happened June 1, 2009

Also remember to turn it off when out of the clouds, as it can burn out the element.

This same post above also applies to carb heat in a piston, and the inertial separator in a turboprop.

Jet engines also have anti ice features as well.

My too big icing incidents happened in the pacific northwest. Yikes.

One was combined with a carbon monoxide leak into the cabin. Almost took me out.

Another incident had so much ice (in eight minutes) that it took TWO hours to leave the plane…

While we are on this subject. Check out this video I watched yesterday. This pilot ended up in a difficult situation. Denver Center was able to help him out with navigating. Once he got control of his nerves, the fundamentals of training finally kicked in. I’m not going to pass judgement on the pilot and I hope others will do the same.

It’s worth a watch:

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That video inspired me to write the request.

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Since IF does not have icing in game, I’d say that this feature would be useless.

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Yes, I am aware. That is why I posted above in the title “Pitot Tube Heat and Icing”. Just probably have to wait for more cloud layers, probably read world cloud coverage, to be added first.