Pitching at -20 seconds

Hi, I feel that all of my posts are in the support category πŸ˜‚
Anyway, when using IF and I decide to use the 20s Ago button whilst flying, the plane pitches very sharply either up or down. This can sometimes even lead to a crash!
I usually use this fearure to re-do anything during the flight where I have made a mistake or something like that.
Does anybody know why this happens?

This usually happens when you fly on autopilot. When you go back 20s, it turns your A/P off causing the up and down pitching like you mentioned.

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Thanks for replying, however after pressing the button and returning to the game, AP is still engages.

Hmm, strange. Doesn’t happen for me. :/

It’s a known A/P Glitch. A/P is sometimes weird. Happens to me a lot. Specially on APPR

Thanks for the info, do you know if its planned to be fixed?

There are a lot of things that happen when you use the -20 seconds thing. Sometimes, as you described, you sharply pitch up or down, or sometimes you start turning either left or right and even if you counter turn, the ailerons seem stuck. What I do in this case is simply turn on auto pilot HDG and turn it off again and I’m able to regain control of the ailerons, then correct my heading.

My suggestion, in your case of sudden change in pitch, is to immediately pause and re-caliberate and try to recover, or better yet, get live, where you don’t have the -20s feature in the first place ;)

Tip: always re-calibrate before turning off auto pilot, because if you changed your seating position after turning on auto pilot, the calibration is still the same as your previous seating position prior to turning on auto pilot, which is also a common cause of sudden loss of control when you turn off A/P.


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