There Something Wrong With My Pitch So When i Put My Ipad Forward I have a bit of takeoff so i have to put my ipad on a 90 degrees angle please fix this bug

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I think you need to calibrate before taking off


Make sure you don’t have Rev. checked on as this will change the axes. In the demonstration below my device is pitched forward but by clicking on “rev” the axes changes to the opposite of pitching forward to backward.

Pitch forward with Rev. checked on-

Pitch forward same position with Rev. Unchecked-

This may be your issue. Also, some aircraft require a bit of positive trim.


I’d also try calibrating the device

It’s now been 10 days and 8 hours, plus two separate topics, and you have yet to provide the people of whom you demand an immediate fix with any useful information or feedback. Not a single response from you in a week and a half to those trying to help you.

If you need an immediate fix, perhaps you should consider replying to those attempting to help within that 10 day span.

We know nothing of what you’ve tried. What helped, didn’t. Whether you have checked the settings Chris referred to. From here, not even the device type. Nothing.

All anyone knows is you want an immediate fix but then disappear for over a week and don’t respond to any attempts at assistance.

Are you asking for help, or for someone to just go off of no information and magically know what the issue is with no input from you?