Pitch up on APPR

I was using the 777-200ER today to practice hand flying but decided to let APPR land the plane while I noted Vs. Everything was going well until about 50’ AGL. The APPR pitched the plane wildly above GS and slammed it back down on the ground for a rough landing. No inputs by me at all. There seem to be similar topics in the past without clear conlusions. Any guidance?

What was your airspeed, weight, trim, etc?

I wouldn’t let APPR land the plane. It try’s to aim for a very specific point and doesn’t try to just land a bit earlier or later. It will just dive if it’s where the landing zone is.

Ahh. Good questions all. I was about 130 which I suspect was low. Weight and trim I’m not sure but I believe it was 0deg on trim. I think now I should have also paid more attention.

Well, APPR for me, I use a 145 approach speed and 20% trim, being too slow was probably the issue


That makes sense. I’ll try again and report back.

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Your tips helped get a good landing this morning. One thing I had failed to appreciate was how much the AP was trimming the plane without me noticing the indicator. Thanks!

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I just don’t use APPR. It’s too unreliability and glitchy.

I’ve certainly seen positive and negative experiences. My hope is to use it as a learning tool to help my hand-flying, and then not need it in the future.

Use it until you’re about 500, you’ll have time to readjust and it’s enough time for you to learn with manual landing.

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