Pitch up/down when V/S is disengaged

Sometimes when I disengage the V/S button on approach, my aircraft can pitch up or down. Is this a calibration issue?

yes, most likely

It may be a calibration issue. Just recalibrate and use trim to assist with what you want. :)

also sometimes, for certain aircraft, the yoke will not be in a neutral position in order to maintain a certain pitch attitude at a given speed. this is why even after you calibrate, you should try to match the yoke position before disengaging A/P so you dont violently pitch up or down :)

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Occasionally, it happens even if I’ve calibrated. This problem is a headache, especially with the DC-10 and MD-11; I’ve messed up numerous approaches as a result.

yea that’s because some aircraft can’t maintain pitch with the yoke in a neutral position.

When you calibrate, the device sets your device’s current orientation as the neutral position of the yoke.

that’s why if the yoke was slightly raised/lowered under the control of autopilot, and you disengage, the yoke will snap back to a neutral position, and the aircraft will pitch up/down accordingly.

you can counteract this by calibrating first, and seeing if the yoke is a raised/lowered (you can see the yoke in the information bar, and trying your best to match its position so that when you disengage A/P, the yoke won’t have to quickly change orientation.

hope that helps!

Thank you :-)

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Using trim can help with that issue (apart from the calibration already mentioned) as well:

I get this issue too sometimes. Re-calibrating your device should do the trick.

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