Pitch select and airspeed select on autopilot

Most real world autopilots have pitch and airspeed select for climb and descent. Most of the time they use the airspeed select to climb. It would be nice to have this feature

Hmm. Pitch select is mostly a general aviation thing, and most general aviation aircraft do not have auto throttle. On the 737, there is an autopilot function that holds the current attitude (control wheel steering, or CWS), but its use is not recommended in conjunction with the auto throttle.

Also, we already have “airspeed select”…?

This reminded me of what @Cody_M wrote in:


Hmm. Maybe he’s just referring to CWS. I guess not because then you couldn’t use LNAV or heading mode.

Anyway, here’s this. Level Change System. (Or Specific Aircraft Type Equivalent)

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Yeah, CWS (control wheel steering) allows you to select an attitude in pitch and roll and have the airplane maintain it. It essentially turns a 737 into an Airbus. This is the closest thing to a “pitch select”.
Level change allows you to set a IAS and have the plane climb/descend at that speed. Which is the “airspeed select” mentioned here.

All based on the 737 because that’s all I know

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Ohh. Thinks for clearing that up. I just remembered that there’s a way (on the 737) to have just pitch CWS. If you move the yoke forward or backwards with enough force, roll will be controlled by CMD, and pitch will be controlled by CWS.

Here’s how he described the operation of that system:

"AP on most AC revert to pitch. If you want to go back to pitch in the Q400, you would press the IAS button twice.

Whether you use pitch or IAS completely depends on pilot technique and specific company procedures.

If you select IAS, you use the wheel on the FGC to move a bug on the airspeed tape (Aircraft pitches for the selected airspeed) In pitch hold, the same wheel adjusts the command bars on the flight director to command/set a specific desired pitch.

Dual cue flight director":

I had already voted for:

But is this feature request not for the same thing basically, but with the addition of pitch hold which is what @Cody_M was advocating due to its frequency of usage?

In other words the possibilities for AP altitude change are?:

  1. VS hold (which we have)
  2. IAS hold (“level change system”) - managing climb energy (not depleting speed for given thrust)
  3. Pitch hold (control input relief)

As I like the idea of adding 2) and 3), I’m voting for this feature in spite of the overlap (I haven’t checked if there is a standalone pitch hold feature request elsewhere).

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Although, #3 would make most since with a CWS system— might have to make a topic if I can’t find one— just to clear this up.

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In climb we use pitch hold 90% of the time in the real world in the Q400. The other 10% is IAS and neither are in Infinite Flight.

Many aircraft have CWS or TCS (same thing) but this isnt what I was talking about. Its used to reset the command bars of the flight director. (Example; climbing at 10’ and going to 5, you pitch down 5 degrees and press the CWS/TCS button to set the command bar to command 5’ of pitch)

Just to add - Lets not confuse CWS. …To clear things up, I was not referring to this and I do not think that this has use in Infinite Flight :)

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Thanks for clearing this up. To be honest I didn’t think enough about the distinction to understand.

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It’s completely unrelated. and honestly I don’t have enough brain cells rubbing together to be splitting hairs haha!

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Well I shouldn’t say completely unrelated… But I just don’t like to overcomplicate things

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I still need to more carefully read the above to understand (but I’m being rushed to get the groceries!)…:)

Edit: Ok, chores done. And I re-read. From the following:

If I understood correctly, the issue is the desire for adding the features of pitch hold and pitch for IAS, without boxing in any particular method for setting the values for those two added modes(?).

Being too particular by mentioning CWS or TCS is too specific about the means to setting the goal rather than the goal itself. They don’t add to the value of the functionality within the scope of IF.

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