Pitch Problem

Recently when flying into LOWI when my aircraft (a321) has leveled out it seems to pitch up really high and then pitch low, resulting in a stall, anyone know how to fix this?

Have you tried restarting the app? Also, do you have trim when landing?

Could you send a screenshot? This could be down to many different factors so we need to know your settings like your trim, speed and all that

ive restarted and uninstalled app to no effect and i dont use trim unless flying dc10 md11

if i was using trim it would be 60% IAS 150 and 8000ft

What device and OS are you using?

This is the same issue that is going on here, I suggest continuing on this thread ;)

This is a known issue. Tyler had alerted the devs :)

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@Chief305 sorry didnt realise thanks for letting me know!

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