Pitch Problem With The A321

Now, before you say:

It’s bobbing so turn off the ALT

No senors and senoritas, my problem with the A321 is much different. Below is my evidence.

Note that this was on left downwind at OTHH, altitude obvious. I never set my VS lower than -1000 at this stage of the flight. But as the video goes on, you can see the VS is trickling down slowly. The huge jolt is when I attempted to reset the VS manually but that failed and the plane did not recover and went back down slowly instead.

I’ve heard the A321 is notorious for this, but I explained this problem to my fellow IFATC contorllers and none have even heard of this.

Device: Ipad 2017
Settings: Graphics for both set to medium
Airplane count to medium

Joystick + LiveFlight connect were active.

From what I can see it looks as if you (involuntarily) disconnected the vertical speed on the autopilot. Is this an option?

It is a bit lower than -1000, but this might be an actual app issue (the autopilot isn’t really that exact in my experience).

That was after the VS became broken and started going down.

I cleared the RAM, but didn’t restart.

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It looks to me as if it remains at -1400/-1500 (like I said probably an app issue), and then it goes down rapidly, which I would suspect is caused by disengaging the vertical speed (if this might be what happened here).

No further ideas unfortunately.

That wasn’t the case. the A/P for VS was still on. Which is why I’m addressing this.

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I understand. Hope someone can help (better than I could here).

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What was your trim and flaps?

No flaps, but before anything happened trim was at 20 and I slowly upped it to 25 to reduce the pick bar a bit. The trim didn’t change in all the chaos (I was too busy trying to save the plane) but after recovering eventually there was a huge pink bar and I was forced to do 45 trim.

You we’re flying at 200kts this is your problem you should be at flaps 1 at this speed to counteract the aircraft from throwing itself up and down

Wouldn’t that make the plane skyrocket?

Do you know your flap speeds? Flap 1 is 230kts or below I usually deploy flaps 1 at 200kts and keep my trim around +5 and I never have these problems

I’ve tried to deploy flaps closer to Flap speeds with the 747 but the plane just pitches up.

For every aircraft I find that whenever I deploy flaps it always pitches up a bit and then goes down.

Sometimes I have this problem but with all the planes… 😂

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You just need to take time to learn
The right times to set your flaps and it’ll help out your problem

Low trim, you say?

How did you takeoff with +5 trim then?

You can Change your trim during flight for an example I fly the A320 a lot, I take off with 15 trim I cruise at -5 and land with 20

Alright then. I’ll try to deploy them at faster speeds. Sounds about right?

With the A320 I deploy
Flaps1= 200
Flaps2= 170
Flaps3= 155
Flaps4= 140

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